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Celebrate Kids Dental Health Month

February is Kids Dental Health Month which puts a focus on good dental hygiene for kids of all ages.  Parents are encourages to teach their children proper brushing and flossing techniques, how to choose foods that are good for teeth and avoid harmful foods, and to be...

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Nighttime Dental Tips

What is your current nighttime/bed time routine like?  Do you brush your teeth?  If so, do you end it at that or do you also floss or rinse?  If you don't, you might want to consider changing your routine to include those things.  Your oral health should be taken...

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Brushing vs Scrubbing Your Teeth

A lot of people fall victim to brushing their teeth too hard or with the wrong type of toothbrush and it translates to more like "scrubbing" your teeth. There are dangers to consistently scrubbing that are discussed in the article below. Regular dentist visits will...

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Why You Should Avoid Sugary Snacks

Everyone typically has at least one snack throughout the day.  Some people choose to have nutritious snacks while others have sweet snacks.  For the sake of your health and oral hygiene, nutritious snacks should always be your choice.  Sugar-filled foods will take a...

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Adding Vitamin K2 To Your Diet

Most people know that calcium and Vitamin D are important in your diet for strong bones and teeth.  But have you heard about Vitamin K2?  Sources are reporting that K2 ensures that calcium is fully absorbed, and an absence of K2 can contribute to Vitamin D toxicity. ...

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