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“Right when I pulled into the parking lot, I knew I had made a great choice [for] my new dentist. The office is very cute — the landscaping is amazing and there are hummingbird feeders outside the windows where exams/cleanings take place. Even as a new patient that had to take my 5 year X-rays, meet the doctor, and get a cleaning, the team had me in and out of the door in an hour. . . .”
Shannon M.
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If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge can help to restore your smile with long-lasting and easy-to-care-for results. Bridgework is a term that encompasses any procedures or treatment related to creating or installing a dental bridge. Our dental team at Thomas Dental, in Phoenix, AZ is passionate about helping you attain the results you desire. Consult with our dental office to find out if a dental bridge is right for you.

Benefits of a dental bridge:

  • Ensures surrounding teeth do not shift out of position
  • Restores the ability to chew food properly
  • Improves speech problems caused by missing teeth

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is sometimes simply called a “false tooth” because it is commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is different from dentures because it is permanently anchored to an adjacent tooth or teeth using crowns. This eliminates the need for messy temporary adhesives, the possibility of it falling out, and the need to remove it while you sleep.

Are you missing a tooth or multiple teeth and wanting a permanent, low-maintenance, and great-looking solution so that you can feel confident about your smile again? You will be surprised at how much your self-confidence and enjoyment of life can improve when you choose Thomas Dental, in Phoenix, AZ for your bridgework needs.

We can help you find out the type of bridgework that is ideal for your needs, lifestyle, and desired results. Contact us today to discuss how bridgework can benefit you and discover the smile you’ve always wanted!

Adulting can be hard work. That's why we make prioritizing your smile and oral health a breeze. At Thomas Dental, in Phoenix, AZ, our mission is to ease your dental insecurities and worries about pain and prices. We’ve created a refreshing approach and comfortable process to ensure you attain a smile you love. Come in and experience the luxury comforts of our dental office in Phoenix, AZ. You can relax knowing that we make every effort to provide you with a pleasant visit and we challenge ourselves to offer top-quality care at the fairest prices. As your local family dentist, your trust is important to us, so we’ll always discuss costs and finance options to come up with a doable plan.

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