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Thomas Dental is located at 2546 East Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ

At Thomas Dental in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Brent Herring is passionate about providing excellent dentistry and creating a positive experience for each of our patients.
It starts the moment you walk in the door, into our waiting area with its calming colors and aesthetic decor. Throughout your dental appointment and procedure, you’ll be comfortable and confident in the care you receive at Thomas Dental in Phoenix, AZ.

State-of-the-art Dental Technology
Throughout Thomas Dental in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll find we use the latest in technology to make patients’ dental treatment as efficient and comfortable as possible. From digital x-rays to intra oral cameras, Thomas Dental is equipped with some of the most advanced and comfortable dental equipment available.

High-Tech Training
Dr. Herring’s passion for dentistry extends to a passion for advanced education. He believes in staying at the forefront of dental advancements and technology through continuing education. He has had the opportunity to study alongside some of the most respected dental clinicians in the world.

Friendly, Personal Care
Each patient is important to us. Dr. Herring takes the time to get to know you so he can deliver the right dental treatment. No concern is too small. He listens carefully to you and answers all your questions so before beginning any treatment, you fully understand the procedures and are at ease.

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Family Dentistry

At Thomas Dental in Phoenix, AZ, your entire family can be confident they are receiving the highest quality of oral care necessary to have clean and healthy teeth. Services include Digital Dental X-Rays, teeth cleanings, cavity fillings, teeth whitening and more!

Root Canal

In some cases a tooth has decay or infection inside the root canal area of the tooth. This decay or infection is usually result from a variety of issues including a cracked tooth, untreated cavity or very large fillings. You can be assured Thomas Dental will help you understand and feel comfortable about the process.

Oral Surgery

In the case of more complex dental problems, oral surgery may be necessary for treatment and to restore proper tooth structure. This may include a variety of treatment options including extractions, root canal therapy, dental implants, crowns or bridges.

Dental Crowns

In the case that you require a dental crown, you can be confident Thomas Dental will provide the highest level of care and address any of your questions or concerns regarding the process. Please contact us anytime if you have questions and we will be happy to provide a prompt response!