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Implant Restoration

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Keeping your smile in top condition is important to your health and the way you feel. That’s why we work hard at Thomas Dental, in Phoenix, AZ to ensure that all your teeth are well taken care of. When a tooth becomes damaged or decayed beyond repair, dental implants are an option that look and function just like your natural teeth. The process is simple for our dental team to surgically place an anchor for a replacement tooth and restore your smile with long-lasting results.

Dental implants are strong and designed to last a lifetime, but they also need care, much like your natural teeth. Our dental office can help you determine how to keep your implants looking and feeling their best.

How Does Implant Restoration Work?

Many people put off going to the dentist when their implant appears damaged or has made their bite uncomfortable because they are worried that the implant will need to be removed and replaced. This is rarely the case! Our expert team at Thomas Dental, in Phoenix, AZ is typically able to fix the issue without any lengthy or invasive procedures.

Damage or wear and tear impacting a dental implant usually only affects the crown, or the top part of the implant that looks like a tooth, and does not impact the implant itself beneath the surface. The implant itself often remains unaffected, safely in place in your jaw.

You deserve a smile that makes you feel comfortable and confident. At Thomas Dental, in Phoenix, AZ, we’re committed to going above and beyond to make the process pleasant and relaxing while we work to ensure that you get the results you desire. We want every patient to feel excited about their smile. Consult with our dental office to find out if implant restoration can benefit you.

Adulting can be hard work. That's why we make prioritizing your smile and oral health a breeze. At Thomas Dental, in Phoenix, AZ, our mission is to ease your dental insecurities and worries about pain and prices. We’ve created a refreshing approach and comfortable process to ensure you attain a smile you love. Come in and experience the luxury comforts of our dental office in Phoenix, AZ. You can relax knowing that we make every effort to provide you with a pleasant visit and we challenge ourselves to offer top-quality care at the fairest prices. As your local family dentist, your trust is important to us, so we’ll always discuss costs and finance options to come up with a doable plan.

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