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Good Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

If you have young children at home and want to start getting them in the habit of practicing good oral hygiene, then this article will get your wheels turning! These three simple tips are easy and not out of the ordinary routines we all typically follow. We’d also like to mention that children can start seeing the dentist earlier than you’d think. So, make sure to call us to make appointments for checkups for the whole family!

Keeping kids’ teeth healthy is always a bit of a challenge. They’re at a period in their life when sugary food, candies, and sodas are the favorite food items they consume. At the same time, their teeth are at the most vulnerable stage.

As challenging as it may be, keeping your child’s teeth healthy is still a must. It is even better if you can get the kids involved in the process. Here are some of the top tips you can try right away.

Top Tips on Keeping the Children’s Teeth Healthy (and How to Get Them Involved)

A Glass of Water

The easiest way to add a layer of protection to kids’ teeth is by getting them used to drinking a glass water before and after a meal. A quick sip before the meal acts as a layer that prevents sugar, acid, and other bad substances from sticking to the teeth. It will also dilute the sugar in the food they consume.

Drinking water after a meal, on the other hand, helps with removing excess sugar or acid from the teeth surface. A glass of water may even get your kids away from soda or other sugary drinks. This simple tip alone will help protect your children’s teeth from most common problems.

Brushing for a Healthy Mouth

There is a big misconception about brushing that many parents still believe: brushing as frequently as possible and as hard as possible will keep the teeth healthier for longer. This may seem true at first, but it is definitely not the way to go if you want to keep your children’s teeth healthy.

The use of too much toothpaste, for instance, can lead to dental fluorosis. While fluoride is very good for the teeth, too much of it in children can still cause problems. The same can be said for brushing too hard, too frequently. It will only ruin the enamel and cause more problems in the future.

Brushing twice a day, preferably after breakfast and after the last meal of the day, is usually enough. Use soft bristles and toothpaste that contains fluoride, but teach the kids to spit it out after cleaning their teeth.

It is also a good idea to get kids to floss. Don’t forget to gargle after flossing too. Kids that are older than eight years old can use mouthwash designed for adults, but with moderation.

A Healthy Diet

Most of the food items that can harm your children’s teeth are food items that are not good for their health. Soda and sugary drinks, for example, can quickly decay the enamel. The same can be said for chewy candies since they tend to stick to corners and unreachable parts of the mouth.

On the other hand, we have milk and cheese that are great for the health of the teeth. They contain calcium and will help the kids’ teeth remain strong for longer. Water, as mentioned earlier, can also help keep the teeth clean and healthy between meals.

The most important part of the process is getting your kids involved. The sooner they learn about the importance of keeping their teeth healthy, the fewer challenges you have to deal with in helping them stick to the tips we just covered in this article.
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