Dental Health and Coronavirus

Despite the big adjustments in everyone’s lives meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is still important to maintain good oral health. This can even be part of our efforts to stay safe and keep others safe. So what can we do to manage good dental health and coronavirus concerns at the same time? […]

3 Tips to Keep Up with Your Dental Hygiene While Under Quarantine

With the changes that come with COVID-19, it’s easy to get out of your day to day routine. During this time, people should take care of their mental health, physical health, boost their immune system, and practice habits that promote good dental hygiene. Here are a few helpful tips to remember while under quarantine. 1. […]

Stress and Teeth Grinding

One of the most often mentioned contributing factors to teeth grinding, or bruxism, is stress. Stress and Teeth Grinding go hand in hand, and so to reduce and address the stress may also help to reduce and address the teeth grinding. Reducing stress is easier said than done in some cases, but there are a […]

Choosing the Best Mouthwash

Mouthwash may be commonly associated with a refreshing tingle that banishes bad breath. But what is the real deal with mouthwash? Is it effective? How can you make the most of your dental hygiene routine and learn to use mouthwash effectively? Here are the 3 best mouthwash habits you can start doing today: Be Picky […]

7 Common Dental Terms You Should Know

Every Patient should have a grasp of some of the common dental terms they will hear in the course of regular dental treatment. Here are some common terms you should know: Caries Caries are one of the common dental terms dentists use to describe tooth decay. Another term you may know for caries is “cavities.” […]

How to Handle Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies can vary in origin, need, and urgency. They can occur in a variety of ways, some by sudden trauma, others by a quick onset of symptoms. You can’t always predict a dental emergency, but you can plan to be ready for one. A Spectrum of Urgency Dental emergencies can be sudden and traumatic, […]

5 Tips For a Relaxing Dentist Visit

With current leaps in dentist technology, and a move towards a gentle approach in dentistry, it is more possible than ever to plan for a relaxing dentist visit. The following 5 tips can help you choose to create a calm and peaceful environment in partnership with your dentist to accomplish your care goals. Empower Yourself […]

Dental Implant Recovery – Facts You Need to Know

Dental implant treatments can be stressful at times, especially if multiple implants are required. With advancements in dental practices, not only may post-surgery discomfort be alleviated for many, but the dental implant recovery process has also become a lot easier for most patients. The recovery process of dental implants varies from one patient to another. […]

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

The importance of brushing Brushing is your first line of defense against oral health issues. When you brush your teeth properly, you ensure a brighter smile. Toothpaste is undoubtedly important, but what’s even more significant is getting the right toothbrush and how frequently you change your toothbrush. According to statistics, 2.28 million Americans said that […]

Easy Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Gum infections are regarded as one of the most painful ailments affecting people. The fact that they secretly develop with the slightest negligence and without showing clear signs, makes them even more appalling. But there’s nothing you can’t control if you’re careful! Here are some simple ways to keep your gums healthy: Don’t Ignore Regular […]